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Viae Variae

Viae Variae means "the various ways" in Latin and the title represents the various hiways and byways I had to travel in order to find these images. But it also can represent the various ways of existing for the people that I came across.

The images were taken over more than 2 decades, the earliest ones were taken starting from the year1986. This will be a perpetually ongoing project.

The selected images represent only Asian countries, although I have travelled on other continents, it made more sense for me to limit this collection to Asia which has become me new 'home continent' as I have lived here longer than any other contient. The countries/places visited include: Turkey, China, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and of course my home base Hong Kong.

01.FuneralJiangxi 02.GZhouStation 03JakartaPlatform
04.mehmetpasha 05..Peshawar 06.LaoSchool
07.Peshawar 08.UbudCremation 09.BukitTingi
10.ShiJiaZhuagKids 11.BunFest 12.SaigonKids
13.SJZkidB&W 14.Temptmon 15.MonkSriSatchanalai
16.TaxiChiangMai 17.BaliCremation 18.BadalingSouvenirSeller
19.EbisuStation 20.DanauTobaMarket 21.DaiPaDongBoss
22.PXPoolkids 23.LadyBoyBar 24.SiemRiep
25.SiemRiep2 26.TsimShaTsui 27.CaodaiPriests
28.DoiSuthepMonks 29.HK97 30.LoWuPLA
31.JomtienBeach 32.LaoTemple 33.Peshawar6
34.ShibuyaFacemask 35.PostofficeMonk 36.LantauLady
37.Kecak 38.JakartaBackstage 39.Osman
40.HuePeasant 41.AyutayaTrain 42.GuangZhouVIPRoom
43.CholonDusk 44.Peshawar4 45.CheungChauFuneral
46.LaoMonksBurning 47.TianAnMen98 48.BaliLadies
49.AdultDay 50.AdultdaySnow  
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