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biography / c.v.
Short bio 
Greek/Italian born and raised in Ethiopia and later moved to Canada. Began photographin gat age 12. Attended part-time photography studies at Niagara College, Algonquin College and Carleton University (all in Canada). Holds associate degrees in Telecommunications Technology and Computer Engineering from Niagara College, a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and professional certification in Exhibition Studies and Art Curatorship from the Hong Kong Art School. Lives and works in Hong Kong as a photographer, artist and independent curator. He is a part time lecturer at the Hong Kong Art School/RMIT and an adjucnt professor at SCAD Univeristy.

Solo Exhibitons 
* Shooting Blind, curated by Helen Ng, Woodhouse Shopping Centre, Hong Kong, May 2010
* Deconsequences, Shanghai Street Art Space, Hong Kong, February 2008
* Safe Distance, Shanghai Street Art Space, Hong Kong, July 2007
* Metamorphosis, Sin Sin Atelier, Hong Kong, October 2005
* Viae Variae, Würth-Gallery, Goethe-Institut, Hong Kong, December 2000
* Esoteric Erotica, OP fotogallery, Hong Kong, August 2000

Group Exhibitons
* Simulated Alternate Realities, curated by Davina Lee, 1a space, Hong Kong, October 2010
* Chroniques Hongkongaises, curated by Davina Lee, Diorama Rue Raspail, Arles, July 2010
* City Flâneur: Social Documentary Photography, The Hong Kong Herritage Museum, Hong Kong, June 2010
* displacement#3, video installation, collaboration with Syren Johnstone, ARTHK10, Hong Kong Convention Centre, May 2010
* Cross, YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong, May 2009
* Imaging Hong Kong - Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Edge Gallery, Hong Kong, December 2008
* Mastermind 2008, Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, June 2008
* Almost 18, White Tube Gallery, Hong Kong, December 2006
* Moonstruck, The Hong Kong Artists Bieannale 2005, Club 64, Hong Kong, April 2005
* Dislocation Re-launch Exhibition, Fringe Club, Hong Kong, June 2004
* Wake up! Photography is Art, ART Statement Gallery, Hong Kong, June 2004
* Confronting Love : New Chinese Art, Fringe Club, Hong Kong, January 2004
* Art Mart 03: Made in Hong Kong for Hong Kong, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong, December 2003
* To Conquer The West : New Chinese Art, MAPOFF, Hong Kong, November 2003
* Small Beginnings : New Chinese Art, Fringe Club, Hong Kong, October 2003
* ArtSupermarket 2002: Fundrasing Event for Para/Site Art Space, 2002
* Bodywork, LEE Gallery, Toronto, December 2000
* Salon D'Hiver, Martini Gallery, Hong Kong, December 2000
* Zan Shin: Moment of Reflection, Photo Space Koyo, Tokyo, December 1999
* OP99 - 30 Original Works, OP fotogallery, December 1999
* OP98 - OP Editions, OP fotogallery, November 1998
* 23rd International Artists Living In Japan Annual Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, August 1998
* Nude Quartet, Martini Gallery, Hong Kong, July 1997
* OP95 - OP Editions, Fringe Club, November 1995
* Restricted Exposures : Private Content, Public View, curated by Lisa Cheung Hong Kong Fringe Festival, January 1996
* Travelling Light,  Hellenic Cultural Festival, Ottawa, August 1992
* That obscure object of desire, Hong Kong Fringe Festival, February 1991
* Refuge, QuArt Society, Hong Kong, December 1990

* The Hong Kong Heritage Museum permanent collection

Curatorial Projects
* Curator. SCOPAHOLICS - Hong Kong Photography 2010, INDEXG Gallery, Toronto, April 2010
* Co-Curator, Stretched Connotations, White Tube, Hong Kong, May 2010
* Curator, DEJA VU, Artist Eileen Chan's participation at the 9th Florence Biennale, Florence, December 2009
* Curator, Arnel S. Agawin: Remains of a Travelling Battered Wing, Osage Soho, Hong Kong, July 2009
* Co-Curator, Feigned Innocence: We all look [La Voyeuse ], Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, May 2009
* Curator, William Lim: Destination, Osage Soho, Hong Kong, September 2008
* Catalogue essay, "When the Journey Becomes the Destination" - William Lim: Destination, Osage, 2008
* Catalogue essay, "The Ever So Paradoxial Art of Wilson Shieh" - Wilson Shieh: Ladykillers, Osage, 2008
* Catalogue essay, "Echoes of Change" - Chinese Voices Chinese Stories, Osage, 2008
* Co-curator, Kung Lui: The Princess Within, Benten17 Gallery, Hong Kong, February 2008
* Assistant Curator, Star Fairy, Hong Kong at the 52nd Venice Biennale, Venice, June 2007

* Imaging Hong Kong - Contemporary Phototography, Ph5, 2008
* The New Yorker Magazine, The House Behind a Weeping Cherry, Photo credit, April 2008
* SSa Magazine, Review- August 2008
* Two-Way Communication, the art of Movana Chan, Book cover, Kubrick, 2008
* Star Fairy, Book cover, Hong Kong Pavillion catalogue at the 52nd Venice Biennale 2007
* Dislocation e-zine No.14, August 2004
* Dislocation Magazine, November 1998
* TOKION Magazine, #22 THE 24 HOURS ISSUE, Mini Interviews, 2000
* Dislocation Magazine, November 1998
* Private Content, Public View, Exhibition Catalogue, 1997
* 50 Hong Kong Contemporary Photographers CD-ROM, 1996
* Dislocation Magazine, November 1995
* Dislocation Magazine, February 1995
* Dislocation Magazine, August 1994

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