Shooting Blind

Shooting Blind is the name of a solo photography exhibition by Evangelo Costadimas that was held in Hong Kong during the month of May 2010. The exhibition was curated by Helen Ng who wrote: "Stemming from his two previous projects "Safe Distance" and "Deconsequences", Evangelo Costadimas continues to explore the spatial relationship between people in the most crowded areas of Hong Kong. Apart from his keen observation on the physical interaction between people, Evangelo also focuses towards techniques of image making in search of alternatives to the traditional approach of making street photography. Moving his camera away from his eye level down to his hip, Evangelo captures moments without looking through the viewfinder. He has to guess the aperture and shutter speed combination, the focusing distance as well as the composition in the process of making these images. This practice has led him to a further discussion about "distance"–either the subjective distance from the photographer or the objective distance from optical device, to the end subjects being photographed. The works end up in forming an ambiguous yet interesting feedback loop between subject and object." - Helen Ng, Curator